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Our team at Dirty Little Secret are qualified hairdressers and we are experienced in determining which method of extensions are best for you. We can also custom colour and cut your natural hair so that the extensions blend perfectly.

We have a range of Hair Extensions to suit different needs and hair types:

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Slim Line Wefts 

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Skinny Wefts 

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Tape Extensions/ Skin Weft Tapes

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Halos & Ponytails 

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Clip In Extensions 

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Human Hair Pieces & Volumisers 

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Coloured Splices & Fringes 

Weft Extensions 

Our most popular hair extensions at DLS are weft extensions. We have two types, the Slim Line Weft and the Skinny Weft. 

We apply the wefts with a sew in method. We apply small silicone lined beads then sew the weft to the beads.


Each weft application is customised to the individuals hair depending on many things like how fine or thick the natural hair is, different hairlines, where the crown is, how the client wears their hair mostly etc. 

The slim line wefts are very flat at the top where they are applied so they sit snug to the head. They are 20 inches long and a full head is classified as 100grams. The Slim Line Wefts can however be purchased by the 50grams so for some fullness only we can add half head or 50grams or if a customer needs more than a full head we can apply 150grams for thickness and length. We can also do a mix of two colours with these wefts for a beautiful natural looking contrast. 

The Skinny Wefts are custom coloured wefts, some in balayage. They are also flat at the top for comfortable wearing but they are a bit longer 22inch and a bit thicker 120grams. 

Most of our clients love wefts because they are easier to wear you hair in upstyles and there is no glue or heat in the application. 

We make sure that there is a perfect colour match and cut/ blending with the clients hair so that you would never know they are wearing extensions. Sometimes we do have to custom colour or tone the wefts for a seamless match. 

Wefts grow out with the natural hair so they need to be maintained from 4-8 weeks depending on the individuals hair growth. 

If you are considering weft extensions we recommend to book a free consultation so we can assess your hair in person and make recommendations. We can then give you an accurate quotation and book an appointment for the correct timing. 


Tape extensions are also very popular, the sit nice and flat to the head and can be angled so that you get maximum fullness through the front and around the face. Colours can be mixed and matched, so if you have foils or low lights or your colour is multidimensional, tapes are a great way to blend perfectly. 

If you just want fullness we can apply as many as you need and in most lengths of hair. If you want some more depth through the front of your sassy bob or just some added thickness to your current length we can do that! 

These are so versatile, best thing is to book in for a free consultation so that we can suggest the best method, thickness and colour for you. 

Maintenance we recommend 4-8 weeks depending on your hair type to move tape extensions. Colour and tape move can be done on the same day. 

All of these extensions are a semi-permanent extension, so you can just wear for a special occasion, event or the weekend. They are easy to apply and taken out at the end of the day or evening. 

We will either colour match your hair to the extensions or match the extensions to your hair. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the beauty of thicker fuller hair without the commitment to maintenance. 

We have a large amount of these in stock and recommend a consultation first. We show you how to apply and cut/ blend with your hair so that they look natural. Beautiful lush hair in a few minutes without the upkeep! 

Tape Extensions 
Clip in/ Halo's/ Ponytails 
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